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ANNOUNCE: Gorm Version 0.0.2

From: Adam Fedor
Subject: ANNOUNCE: Gorm Version 0.0.2
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2001 13:46:49 -0600

I made a snapshot release of Gorm (mostly for people who don't have
CVS). Although I still encourage people to get the version from CVS,
since this will be more up-to-date. Please try it out and contribute
fixes, suggestions etc (to address@hidden)

What is Gorm?
   Gorm is an acronym for Graphic Object Relationship modeler (or
perhaps GNUstep Object Relationship Modeler).

   Gorm is a clone of the NeXTstep `Interface Builder' application for

Where to get it?


Adam Fedor, Digital Optics            | Fudd's law of opposition: Push
address@hidden  http://www.doc.com     | something hard enough, and it 
address@hidden  http://www.gnustep.org | will fall over.

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