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From: Frederic De Jaeger
Subject: NSBrower
Date: 23 Apr 2001 00:02:40 +0200
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First, thanks to Adam for your compliment about my patch. I hope it
will help the improvement of the dps backend.

Now the problems.
I'm playing with the NSBrower widget. I would like to simulate the
click of the user on a cell. The effect is to select the cell (and
then expand the branch, and so on). Well, I supposed the correct way
is to call the following method :

- (void)selectRow:(int)row inColumn:(int)column 

It effectively select the cell but does'nt expand any branch. I
suppose this is not correct but I'm not sure because I never really
used the GUI part of openstep.

If this is incorrect, there is a very little fix, add the 
following line :

    [self doClick: matrix];

at the end of the previous method.

This simulate the click (the code select the cell in the matrix,
anyway). Well, it's not a very beautiful solution, I confess. It must
be more elegant to use some code of  -doClick: via an intermediate

If I'm wrong, what is the correct way to do what I want?


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