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Re: NSThread.m: GSCurrentThread() doesn't create new instance

From: Richard
Subject: Re: NSThread.m: GSCurrentThread() doesn't create new instance
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2001 12:56:12 +0100

Michael Scheibler wrote:
> I am just trying to replace gnustep-base 0.6.5 with 1.0.0 and found out that
> the implementation of GSCurrentThread() has been changed so that it doesn't
> create a new NSThread instance if none exists for the current thread.
> We are using GNUstep together with Java (not JIGS but our own bridge) and
> therefore have different Java threads which makes it necessary that
> GSCurrentThread() works safe.
> Why has this been changed? Would it be possible to reimplement this
> functionality?

I'm guessing that you actually need to use GSRegisterCurrentThread() and
GSUnregisterCurrentThread().  These functions have been added to provide
a clean way for the threading systems of other languages (such as Java)
to interact with NSThreads.  The GSCurrentThread() function is intended
purely to return the current thread ... not to be used for thread

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