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Re: Another library irregularity

From: Dennis Leeuw
Subject: Re: Another library irregularity
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2001 18:49:25 +0200

> This is definately a problem with library paths. When you run the
> program from any directory, the tool executable is run directly, since
> it's in you path. When you run it from from where the tool directory is,
> it actually runs a script that correctly sets the LD_LIBRARY_PATH and
> then runs the tool executable. It's a bit confusing why it works this
> way, perhaps we can simplify it (GNUstep Developers: I think the only
> reason the PATH includes all the Tool/ix86/linux-gnu/... directories is
> for finding DLLs on Windows. Is that correct or not?)

My gnu-gnu-gnu-xgps dir also contains:
-rwxr-xr-x   1 root     root        47426 Apr  4 12:34 font_cacher
which is not in Tools/ nor in Tools/ix86/linux-gnu

IMHO, I think it would be better if the PATH stays as it is, but the wrapper 
scripts are removed. With a correct PATH the tool will be found anyway and now 
a lot of Tools
are accessed by scripts which adds to the problem, and confusion.

The current problem is:
bash-2.03$ which gdnc
This is the executable, not the wrapper script. So,
bash-2.03$ gdnc
gdnc: error in loading shared libraries: libgnustep-base.so.0: cannot open 
shared object file: No such file or directory

bash-2.03$ env|grep ^PATH

If PATH would be Tools/, Tools/ix86/linux-gnu/, 
All would be well.


Dennis Leeuw

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