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Re: Another library irregularity

From: Adam Fedor
Subject: Re: Another library irregularity
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2001 10:16:14 -0600

"Steve =?iso-8859-1?Q?Núñez?=" wrote:
s well. As an example, here are the results of running LogTest from two
different directories:
> address@hidden gnustep-guile-1.0.0]$ pwd
> /home/nunez/GNUStep/gnustep-guile-1.0.0
> address@hidden gnustep-guile-1.0.0]$ LogTest
> LogTest: error while loading shared libraries: 
> /opt/GNUStep/System/Libraries/ix86/linux-gnu/gnu-gnu-gnu-xdps/libgnustep-base.so.0:
>  undefined symbol: __objc_msg_forward
> now if I run it from the directory in which it resides:
> address@hidden Tools]$ pwd
> /home/nunez/GNUstep/Tools
> address@hidden Tools]$ ./LogTest
> Apr 11 08:47:25 LogTest[15950] No local time zone specified.
> Apr 11 08:47:25 LogTest[15950] Using time zone with absolute offset 0.
> Apr 11 08:47:25 LogTest[15950] Executing

This is definately a problem with library paths. When you run the
program from any directory, the tool executable is run directly, since
it's in you path. When you run it from from where the tool directory is,
it actually runs a script that correctly sets the LD_LIBRARY_PATH and
then runs the tool executable. It's a bit confusing why it works this
way, perhaps we can simplify it (GNUstep Developers: I think the only
reason the PATH includes all the Tool/ix86/linux-gnu/... directories is
for finding DLLs on Windows. Is that correct or not?)

So either your LD_LIBRARY_PATH is not correct or /etc/ld.so.conf is not
correct. It should include


And this directory should have the libobjc.so library in it. You can
also use opentool, which will also set up the lib path correctly.

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