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Re: GNUstep on Darwin

From: Helge Hess
Subject: Re: GNUstep on Darwin
Date: Thu, 05 Apr 2001 00:23:11 +0200

Stan Shebs wrote:
> The Objective-C runtimes are quite different (this is a peculiarity
> of ObjC's history), and GNUstep makes direct refs to the GNU runtime
> (which is arguably a bad idea, but I don't have a better proposal to
> put forth in its place).

GNUstep as an environment (gstep-make) supports various mixes of
runtimes/Foundations/GUIs and so on. Unfortunatly especially the GUI
levels changed in this respect (eg when Ovidiu still did a lot GS work
it was much more easily possible to run gstep-gui on top of any of the
Foundation libs (sun,next,lf,gnu)) - that clean lib/API separation is

Anyway, I can compile libFoundation in either gnu-lf-nil-nil or
nx-lf-nil-nil. Gstep-base for sure can with minor tweakings operate in
the same way.
There is the extensions library which helps a lot with bridging
differences between the libobjc's. Those differences are actually very
Except for forwarding I can't see where there is a major libobjc
compatibility problem.

This is very different with the Foundations which are radically

> I don't think this is insurmountable, but it's going to take some
> real hacking to get it to work.

IMHO it's basically impossible in an acceptable timerange, which is
below 10 years ;-)

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