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From: Martin
Subject: /.-posting
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 15:06:42 +0100

Hi GS folks, -

You all read /., dont ya? :-) 

Well, then you've seen the posting about that Gstep-article. Besides
that the /.-newsguy didn't really get what GS actually is, there was a
interesting posting in the discussion:

--- start ---
Confused Article (Score:2, Insightful)
by Matthias Wiesmann on Wednesday March 21, @08:26AM EST (#22)
(User #221411 Info) http://lsewww.epfl.ch/wiesmann/
Maybe it's me, but this article seemed very confused to me. The guy is
basically mixing up Window Maker (a window manager for X11)
and OpenStep. The distinction between the original NeXT System, Open
Step, GNU Step and Mac OS X is not very clear either. He talks a little
bit about Interface Builder, but not a word on the different
technologies that power the thing. 

This is really a shame, because a good explanation about the NeXT
technologies would be the most welcome on slashdot. It would be
intersting to compare features of the GNUStep/NeXT/OS X Framework
against GNU frameworks like Gnome or KDE. This would make it
possible to compare them, but also to see if they could be integrated. 

Of course this would imply a real discussion, not the usual arguments
like Gnome is going to rule the world and everything else is obsolete

--- end ----

My remark is: are there such good introductions for ppl that want to
know a bit more about gstep and especially the underlying technology?
With technology I don't mean how every detail works, but what it can
actually do ( - explained so that it is understandable by non-gstep
folks). I think we need a nice (some screenies), easy to understand
introducing article/documentation about the GS system/enviromnet. What
do you think?

- Martin Brecher

p.s: As always: be sorry with my English that always seem to me a bit
confusing when mailing to the list :-)

The Internet was invented as a highly dependable, high-speed, distributed, 
secure, and powerful network so that 
in the event of a nuclear crisis, military officials would always have access 
to pornography.

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