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Re: "toll-free bridging"

From: Helge Hess
Subject: Re: "toll-free bridging"
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 17:41:20 +0100

strobe anarkhos wrote:
> There is no conflict between the licenses, the only conflict is rhetoric and 
> political BS which I haven't seen since the soviet union and it's propaganda 
> machine.
> The LGPL doesn't say "do whatever RMS commands".

Maybe there is no conflict with the licenses, but there is a conflict
with the project. *GNU*step does *GNU* software, which is (a political)
restriction above the license.
No one stops you from modifying GNUstep to use CoreFoundation, but this
wouldn't be GNUstep anymore (but CoreStep ;-)

Technically: Personally I like the idea somewhat, but I see a CF based
Foundation library as an additional lib besides libFoundation and

Suggestion: go write a Foundation based on CF (release it under APSL, if
you like) !! I would be certainly interested to see the result. GNUstep
allows switching the Foundation, so you could use your Foundation as a
replacement for gstep-base.

> >As CF is APSL, GNUstep is FSF, and FSF said 'avoid APSL code', I
> >think that the answer is NO.
> Gee, I'm glad I haven't been assimilated. I prefer having a free will. Gosh, 
> what would happen if RMS died? Nobody could tell you when to pee and you 
> would explode.
> In all honesty your answer has been the least evasive and most honest one. 
> All your base belongs to RMS.

This actually sounds to me like you are thinking that GNUstep developers
can't decide for themselves and only follow RMS opinions. Actually the
developers are smart people and choose to comply with GNU philosophy by
intention, not by accident.
You have to accept and deal with that.


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