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XFree86 DPS news

From: Juliusz Chroboczek
Subject: XFree86 DPS news
Date: 01 Mar 2001 14:57:53 +0100


As many of you know, recent versions of XFree86 include the DPS client
libraries.  A number of changes have just happened, and I thought you
may want to know about them.

For your information, the XFree86 trunk leads towards 4.1.*; the
stable branch leads towards 4.0.3.

Pswrap has been fixed, in both the trunk and the stable branch, to
generate similar headers to the Adobe version.  You will no longer
need to hack around this bug with ``-I'' magic.  (Thanks to all who
reported this problem.)

Three sample clients have been included into the trunk; these are
dpsinfo (a homebrew hack), and the familiar dpsexec and texteroids.
Texteroids has been locally modified to support a ``-debug'' option
(it still doesn't handle PS errors gracefully, though; that should be
a simple fix).  The addition of sample clients means that issues such
as the pswrap bug mentioned above will be noticed immediately as they
will prevent the XFree86 tree from building.

There is one major issue that I hope to fix for version 4.1.0.  Libdps
depends on libXt.  Suggestions for fixing that are more than welcome.

I would like to invite all the dgs developers to submit any local
fixes they may have to XFree86, assuming of course that you accept to
release them under the XFree86 license.  Patches against the XFree86
CVS are the preferred form; please see


For you, Branden, the addition of the sample clients probably means
that you will need to create yet another package when you integrate
4.1.*, as you clearly don't want the X clients package to depend on
the DPS libraries.  The new package should contain the three binaries
mentioned above, as well as their respective manual pages.



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