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Message debug block

From: Marcin Puchlik
Subject: Message debug block
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2021 14:23:20 +0100

While getting into the messaging system in GNU Radio I noticed that the Message Debug block doesn't print PDU for messages if a message has metadata (key value or car) different than pmt.PMT_NIL. So I have a Message Strobe connected to Message Debug where message is:
pmt.cons(pmt.intern(""), pmt.make_u8vector(16, 0xFF))  - where Debug block cannot extract the PDU - gr::log :WARN: message_debug0 - Non PDU type message received. Dropping.
pmt.cons(pmt.PMT_NIL, pmt.make_u8vector(16, 0xFF)) - where the Message Debug block prints PDU as I would expect. 
Does it mean that the Message Debug block is not working properly or my understanding is wrong?
Best regards,

Marcin Puchlik

DSP Engineer


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