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Re: vector index selector

From: Marcus Müller
Subject: Re: vector index selector
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2021 15:18:18 +0100
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Hm, in that case, this would be a really easy thing to just write in an 
embedded python block!

On 15.11.21 12:48, Ali G. Dezfuli wrote:
Thanks, Marcus, but I actually want to have something like a general demultiplexer to separate the preamble from the payload.
I couldn't find a SIMPLE demuxer ("Header/Payload Demux" is very complicated.)
What you kindly said is something like a general downsampler/decimator which of course has its own use. For example, with a correlator, I put a tag at the frame start, and with "Tagged Stream Aligned" and "Stream to Vector" I will have a ready-to-be-demuxed frame to get to the payload.

On Mon, Nov 15, 2021 at 2:14 PM Marcus Müller <mueller@kit.edu <mailto:mueller@kit.edu>> wrote:

    Not in itself, but you can do

       [Vector to Stream, num items = n]
         [Keep M in N, M=1, N=n, initial offset=index]

    Best regards,

    PS: A PR to improve "keep M in N" to directly deal with vectors, or to add 
a block
    Extract" that does what you describe (take vectors in, and have a parameter 
with indices
    to extract) to master, would certainly be welcome.

    On 14.11.21 07:55, Ali G. Dezfuli wrote:
     > Hi all,
     > is there a block in GRC to get a vector and output a vector with 
selected indexes
    (as a
     > parameter)?
     > thanks,
     > AGD

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