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Re: Conversion from char (byte) to float

From: Fabian Schwartau
Subject: Re: Conversion from char (byte) to float
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2021 11:38:26 +0200
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There are two conversion blocks called "Char to Float" and "UChar to Float" - I guess you are looking for the second one. Both take "Byte" as input.

Am 20.08.21 um 11:24 schrieb Marcin Puchlik:
Conversion from byte to float works wrong (in my opinion) for byte variables greater than 127. Correct me if I'm wrong: char/byte range is from 0 to 255 (included). In GNU Radio, after conversion from char/byte variable type (that is greater than 127) to float, the result is negative. Seems like range for byte in GNU Radio is from -128 to 127. Can somebody confirm it? I am asking for clarification.

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