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Debug OOT module error

From: ????????
Subject: Debug OOT module error
Date: Sun, 15 Aug 2021 15:33:41 +0800

I use vscode to open an out-of-tree module created with gr_modtool (I have not yet started to write the code, only the initial code provided) Why does it prompt'djscc/api.h' file not found clang(pp_file_not_found), the strange thing is that I open one The square_ff module (which has been compiled and installed and can be used) built with the tutorial once did not prompt the corresponding error.
I have checked a lot of information on the Internet and still haven??t solved this problem. Has anyone encountered the same problem?
I think it??s the plug-in problem of vscode, but I don??t know why the created OOT module does not report an error.

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