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gr-fosphor display freeze issues

From: Paul Atreides
Subject: gr-fosphor display freeze issues
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2021 10:10:06 -0400

hi there. 
First off, let me say that gr-fosphor is one of the most impressive visualizations i've seen in SDR. I've used it with NVIDIA GPU's as well as FPGA's (RFNoC). I rely on it so much that it's become my go-to display in my SDR software suite.
UNFORTUNATELY for some reason, recently my fosphor display window freezes immediately when i ask for larger sample rates (>30Msps) or it freezes after a few seconds with 10Msps or more. Smaller rates like 1-5Msps are usually ok. I've repeated this on 2 laptops: a really powerful system76 Gazelle running 18.04/maint-3.8 and an asus zenbook running 20.04/maint-3.8. Both have NVIDIA GPU's and have the same issues. 
Fosphor has worked flawlessly on both systems before and only recently seems to have developed this problem. There's no debug messages or errors in gnuradio, just a frozen window. 

i'm aware that reason may make this more of an opencl/nvidia issue, but i wanted to start here. after a little googling it appears that on opencl there's a low-level timeout that may expire during longer calculations?

anyways, fosphor still rocks, just want to get it back up and running, specifically with higher sample rates. 

has anyone had experience with this?


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