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maint-3.10 vs master and dev pipeline

From: Paul Atreides
Subject: maint-3.10 vs master and dev pipeline
Date: Sat, 7 Aug 2021 19:11:17 -0400

hi there,
i'm updating my dev setup to ubuntu20.04. Previous to this i had migrated my workflow to gnuradio3.8/python3/uhd4.0 etc to stay current. With my OS update i'd like to have 2 pybombs environments, one for a stable but current branch (which i'm assuming is 3.8) and one for the next thing coming up. Since I want to get away from swig i'd like to start working on at least 3.9 in addition to my 3.8 projects, but i don't see a gnuradio 3.9 recipe in gr-recipes.
My question is, am i understanding that gnuradio-defaults will install gr3.8 and gnuradio-master will install 3.10 and there isn't an explicit recipe for 3.9? i've seen a lot of projects updating to 3.9 support over the last year, so i want to know if i've missed the boat and should jump straight to 3.10. Are there compatibility issues between GNURadio 3.10 and OOT modules that are updated to 3.9?
i'm planning on porting some older stale projects that were really cool and don't want to go through the work of porting to 3.9 if 3.10 is really where i should be going.
Any direction would be helpful.


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