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Re: Using an E310 in place of a B200

From: Ivan Iudice
Subject: Re: Using an E310 in place of a B200
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2021 23:12:16 +0200

You can use the E310 in a sort of “network mode” using the iio driver (https://wiki.analog.com/software/linux/docs/iio/iio).
You can use specifically written interfaces with the OOT module gr-iio (https://github.com/analogdevicesinc/gr-iio).
I successfully used it with my own OOT modules.


Il giorno 20 lug 2021, alle ore 22:40, Marcus D. Leech <patchvonbraun@gmail.com> ha scritto:

On 07/20/2021 03:52 PM, Mike wrote:


We are working with the srsRAN software package (www.srslte.com).  Our hardware configuration is a laptop running the srsRAN application under Ubuntu, connected via USB to a USRP.  It runs well with B200s, however we do not have access to B200s at the location where our testing will take place.

What we do have are E310s.  The srsRAN application expects a UHD-based front end, as is standard when using a B200.  What we are looking for is a way to make an E310s look like a B200 to the laptop, accessible via UHD.

Is there an easy way to do this, like some kind of bypass mode to give direct access to the radio?  MATLAB appears to support this type of operation but we're not clear how.


E310 have something called "network mode", so you don't have to use them as a not-very-well-endowed embedded platform.  Unfortunately it's
  very limited in the bandwidth it can deliver and really isn't recommended.   The last LTS release for E310 that even supported network mode was
  UHD 3.9.

The E310 was really intended as a small embedded platform where if you're clever you can split functionality between the on-board FPGA, and
  the embedded ARM dual-core CPU.

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