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FMCW GNU Radar Toolbox

From: Pham Van Dung
Subject: FMCW GNU Radar Toolbox
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 2021 11:43:34 +0200

Hello all,
I want to make an FMCW signal generation with GNU Radar toolbox and Ettus B200
I saw that you have several examples inĀ https://github.com/kit-cel/gr-radar/tree/master/examples/simulation, but I do not understand the following parameters of the FMCW block
- Samples CW
- Samples up-chirp
- Samples down-chirp
- Frequency CW
Second question, if I want to modify the block (I want to add dead-time at each pulse of FMCW), How can I do it?
I appreciate your help and time

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