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ofdm transceiver causes GRC freeze to forcibly exit

From: ????????
Subject: ofdm transceiver causes GRC freeze to forcibly exit
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2021 21:46:56 +0800

I am using ofdm transceiver to send text or video. I use "ZMQ" to connect the two flow graphs. When I run the receiving program, I can get the sent text string from the "file sink", although it is It is repeated continuously. But the problem is that every time I can't manually terminate the receiving program, it will cause the GRC to freeze, and the terminal will continue to display the received packets. May i know what is this all about?

The more serious problem is: when I do not use the "ZMQ" block, but replace it with USRP source and USRP Sink, the receiving end cannot receive the signal correctly, and the character content in the sending end text cannot be obtained. An unknown error occurred in the transmission! Where is my problem?

Hope someone can help me, thanks!My flow chart is in the attachment.


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