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[Call] June 2021 call *today*

From: Marcus Müller
Subject: [Call] June 2021 call *today*
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2021 17:31:51 +0200
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Dear fellowship of the flowgraph

at 17:00 UTC (that's in 1h30m, i.e at 19:00 in Warsaw and Kassel, 13:00 in 
Haiti and New
York, 23:00 in Dhaka, and 1am tomorrow in Singapore), this month's project call 
happens on


Of course, and as always, you're welcome, even asked, to interact with us: If 
there's a
topic we should be talking about, let us know, via Matrix (chat.gnuradio.org), 
email or in
the twitch chat.

We've got a couple of topics today, after all, there's new releases, but we 
have an expert speaker there: Håkon will talk about (and demo!?) the QT port of 
GRC, which
might be *really* interesting for a lot of you. He's looking for input and help!

Please note how I said "expert speaker", not "guest": Håkon has been around for 
years now,
which started when he was a GSoC student working on C++ generation for GRC. So, 
if you
feel like you're an expert on something (or just actually passionate!) that 
would well be
discussed or shown in one of our project calls, let us know.

So, see you in 90 minutes,


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