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Re: gr_3.9 OOT generates strange .so files

From: Vasil Velichkov
Subject: Re: gr_3.9 OOT generates strange .so files
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2021 11:01:16 +0300
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Hi Tom,

On 14/06/2021 20.23, Tom McDermott wrote:
> But it is also generating:
> libgnuradio.grhpsdr.so.1.0.0git
> libgnuradio.grhpsdr.so.e487bf33

> Is the way my OOT's  .so files (and no soft links) being generated a
> problem?

This should not be a problem for packages. One small problem when installing 
from source is that over time you will get many libgnuradio.grhpsdr.so.* files 
with different git hashes installed on your system because when you run "make 
install" the previous version is not removed.

> Will this fail on a subsequent update to my OOT?

Most of the times the symbolic links gets correctly updated after running "make 

> Is there some sort of extra configuration I need to do to the
> auto-generated make or cmake files ?

If for whatever reason you don't like having git hashes in the shared object's 
filenames then in your OOT top-level CMakeLists.txt you need to set 
VERSION_PATCH to something different then "git".

One possible workflow is to set VERSION_PATCH to a number when you do a 
release, then commit, tag and push this change. In the very next commit set 
VERSION_PATCH back to "git" and push.

See also:



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