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Re: Phase Synchronize 2 USRP N200 w/ SBX cards

From: Marcus D. Leech
Subject: Re: Phase Synchronize 2 USRP N200 w/ SBX cards
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2021 12:08:36 -0400
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On 06/10/2021 07:39 AM, Skyvalakis Konstantinos wrote:

Yes, I know that about GNURadio and the timed commands. I just described the flowchart here.

After I generated that flowchart in GNURadio I edited the timed commands in the generated python file, according to the code I included in my very first message in this thread.

So the timing is definitely done properly.

I also switched to QT GUI time sink, as you proposed, and I still observe a different phase offset at every experiment.

I am using version of GNURadio.

Thanks for your help.

You might try forcing INTEGER_N tuning:


Then use 'trequest' in your frequency setting.

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