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Tag Best Practices & Performance?

From: Nicholas Long
Subject: Tag Best Practices & Performance?
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 2020 14:31:35 -0600

Hi, So I am not sure exactly how to ask this, but I have a few questions about tag best practices when creating OOT modules, apologies if this is answered elsewhere...

What is the main source of performance issues with tag propagation: Is it primarily copying overhead? Are there contention issues? or is most of the overhead in the actual reading/setting of tags? I guess part of my question is how are tags passed between blocks, I understand the ring buffers, but tags are still somewhat a mystery to me.

Are tagged stream blocks better than just a stream with tags? From my limited ability to parse tagged stream blocks seem to limit the number of calls to get_tags_in_range, but they still pass on all other tags on the input buffer to the output buffer regardless. 


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