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Re: clang formating

From: Johannes Demel
Subject: Re: clang formating
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 2020 11:53:14 +0100
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unless the clang-format behavior changed, the function call should be:

clang-format --style=file -i path/to/file.cc

The `--style=file` option tells clang-format to search for a `.clang-format` file.


On 11.11.20 11:47, Ron Economos wrote:
I forgot to mention, you have to run clang-format-10 in tree. It gets the formatting rules from the file .clang-format in the top level directory.


On 11/11/20 02:41, Ron Economos wrote:
On Ubuntu 20.04:

sudo apt-get install clang-format-10

Then update your changed files.

clang-format-10 -i sourcefile.cc

The -i formats the file in place. Otherwise, output is to stdout.


On 11/11/20 02:20, Volker Schroer wrote:

I just made a pr and got the message that the pr formatting check
failed. But looking at the output I don't understand, what's wrong.

Even more I'd like to know how I can do the formatting check locally.
The coding guide in the wiki is empty.

Thanks in advance

-- Volker

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