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Ettus Research B205 + Raspberry Pi 4B + GNURADIO

From: Jens Hoffmann
Subject: Ettus Research B205 + Raspberry Pi 4B + GNURADIO
Date: Sun, 08 Nov 2020 00:43:17 +0000


it's my intention to use an Ettus B205mini connected to a Raspberry Pi 4 B (latest model with 8GB RAM) with GNURADIO running on it.

During the first try with the current RASPBIAN OS the complete installation seems to be successful but the USRP sink block didn't found the B205mini although the uhd_find_device (and related commands) shows the correct/necessary output.
After some tinkering, I have decided to use UBUNTU 20.04 (Raspberry image) instead of RASPBIAN. But now other problems occur (the USB port doesn't detect the connected USRP).

Is anybody in this group with a successful installation of the bundle Ettus Research B2xx + Raspberry Pi + GNURADIO and willing to share details about it?

Thank you!

Jens / DL1WW

P.S. Related content on the Ettus Knowledge Board is a little bit outdated or incomplete.

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