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Watchdog for GNU Radio

From: Kopa Rebu
Subject: Watchdog for GNU Radio
Date: Sat, 07 Nov 2020 13:40:29 +0100

Hi all,
I use GNU Radio with a rtl-sdr dongle, which I tune to some frequency and then leave unattended for some hours. Sometimes, the reception just stops: in my flowgraph, I have some display sinks showing the waveform, and it remains still, like frozen. The GNU Radio interface is not frozen, though: I can click on the buttons, only that they won't make anything useful because the reception is not working anymore.
When this happens, I close the flowgraph and launch it again, without having to unplug the dongle, and it starts working.
As this can happen and go unnoticed for hours, I was thinking if there would be a way to automatically detect this from somewhere, so the graph can be restarted. Something like a watchdog.
I use Linux. Any ideas?
Thanks in advance

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