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Re: explaining i/q

From: David Hagood
Subject: Re: explaining i/q
Date: Tue, 3 Nov 2020 19:58:16 -0600
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Like I said previously:

Think of the spinning dancer illusion. It works because you only see from one vantage point. If you saw a real doll spinning, and assuming you have two eyes and normal binocular vision, you will have parallax, and that will allow you to determine in reality which way the figure is spinning, because each eye will have a different view of what is going on, and so can work out what direction the figure is spinning in.

I/Q is like that - it allows the SDR to see have "parallax" - to have 2 points of view on the signal at the same time, and so it can "see" which way the signal is rotating - whether the signal is spinning clockwise (negative frequencies, cause math) or counter-clockwise (positive frequencies).

There - no advanced math, short, and yet accurate.

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