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Join the Radio Resilience Competition!

From: Matt Knight
Subject: Join the Radio Resilience Competition!
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2020 20:07:33 -0700

Hello GNU Radio community,

This fall, Radio Resilience LLC will be hosting a competition to set a new standard in durable radio physical layers.  Dubbed the Radio Resilience Competition (RRC), competitors are invited to pit their software-defined transceivers up against a variety of noisy and contested channels to develop the most resilient high performance RF PHY they can muster.

RRC will take place entirely virtually on GNU Radio-based infrastructure.  Competitors will be provided a fully open source simulated RF testbed in which they can develop and test their software-defined transceivers purely in software.  Additionally, competitors will be provided with a fully functional reference transceiver to make getting started easy.  The RF testbed will be available in the next few weeks, with the competition to take place later this fall.

The Radio Resilience Competition was ideated by Sid Sijbrandij, the CEO of GitLab and a passionate radio enthusiast.  Inspired by prior radio contests like DARPA's Spectrum Challenges, Sid has enlisted alumni of these challenges to design and run RRC.

As a GNU Radio enthusiast myself, I hope you will find participating in the Radio Resilience Challenge to be interesting and fulfilling.  I hope you will consider competing, and I look forward to seeing what we create together!

Sign up for more info: https://forms.gle/De6SSJFZjNXPzV9p9
RRC website: https://radioresilience.com

Matt, on behalf of Radio Resilience LLC

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