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aliasing with X310 BasicRX (higher order Nyquist zone) ?

From: address@hidden
Subject: aliasing with X310 BasicRX (higher order Nyquist zone) ?
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 2020 11:37:05 +0000

I'd like to analyze a higher Nyquist zone with a X310 fitted with a BasicRX:
trying to listen at 143.5 MHz (GRAVES), I can transpose by 100 MHz but am still
far from the ~8 MS/s sampling I can use on the Gb Ethernet interface. Since the
signal is only in the third Nyquist zone, I'd like to tell the BasicRX/DDC *not*
to anti-alias (CIC filter ?) the received signal. It tried playing with the
Bandwidth parameter of the USRP Sink but no improvement there.

Is there a way to alias on purpose the signal with X310+BasicRX ?

Thanks, JM

JM Friedt, FEMTO-ST Time & Frequency/SENSeOR, 26 rue de l'Epitaphe,
25000 Besancon, France

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