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[Discuss-gnuradio] [UHD] Release Announcement

From: Michael West
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] [UHD] Release Announcement
Date: Mon, 8 Jul 2019 11:35:18 -0700

UHD is now available!  This is an ABI release.  It is API compatible with  This release includes several features and bug fixes including DPDK support for X300, a software reset utility for X300, a new bootloader for B200, and several bug fixes for TwinRX.

Installers for Windows and Fedora are available here:

The PPA for Ubuntu will be available soon and will be found here:

The tag for this release is located here:

There have been 47 commits since the last API release which can be viewed here:

Please report any bugs found on the UHD issue tracker:
* Please do not use the issue tracker for help or support.

Pull requests for direct code changes can be submitted to the UHD or FPGA repositories:

As always, we at Ettus Research would like to thank all of the UHD users in the open source SDR community.  This release contains commits from users in the community that submitted pull requests against the UHD and FPGA repositories as well as many commits that are a direct result of issues reported back to us by users like you through the UHD and FPGA issue trackers, the USRP-users mailing list, and Ettus support.  You have all helped contribute to the continued improvement of UHD.  Thank you!

N320: Terminate the DAC when not transmitting
E320: Add support for rev E
E320: Added .gitignore for FPGA build products
X300: Add DPDK support
X300: add capability to flash NI-2974 FPGA
X300: Broke two critical timing paths in FPGA
X300: fixed udp WSA buffer size assignment issue
E310: Fix DRAM_TEST target build
B200: Add bootloader for FX3 (fix for B2xx failing to enumerate)
TwinRX: Expose charge pump current for LO2
TwinRX: Add low spur mode for LO2
TwinRX: increase rev c lo1 charge pump default value
TwinRX: Fix tick rate
Device3: Constraint send/recv_frame_size based on down/upstream MTU
Device3: Fix MTU and default frame sizes
RFNoC: Search all nodes for tick rates
RFNoC: Change default address for the reg readbacks
uhd_image_builder: Let the OOT module point to folders not named "rfnoc"
uhd_image_builder: Add --auto-inst-src
MPMD: Fix spurious reclaim call after unclaim
MPMD: Release resources on destruction
MPM: Add SW/HW compat
liberio: Release context holder on destruction of last liberio xport
transport: fixed a pre-mature buffer reset
nirio: Fix typo in nirio_zero_copy
GPSD: fix API for 'gps_read'
AD9361: Fix return values for tune and set_clock_rate
DUC/DDC: Fix phase reset and accumulation
cores: Use NSDMI consistently in ?x_dsp_core_3000.*
Logging: fix deadlock issue on Windows machines
Logging: Fix ANSI colour codes
Utils: Add X300/X310 reset utility
Docs: Improved Windows-related build instructions
Docs: Add link to README for building custom filesystems for N3xx
sim: Fixing the port number in use for connection
tools: Fix for proj creation in ip_utils for tcl-based IP
tests: Fix mock_ctrl_iface for 32-bit MSVC

Best regards,

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