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[Discuss-gnuradio] Windows Installers v1.6 for v3.7.13.5 published

From: Geof Nieboer
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] Windows Installers v1.6 for v3.7.13.5 published
Date: Sat, 15 Jun 2019 17:25:12 -0400


Updated windows installers that include have now been published.

They can be found as always at http://www.gcndevelopment.com/gnuradio.

Key windows specific fixes in the installers include:
1- Windows Audio Sink now doesn't distort for certain audio streams
2- ZeroMQ is working again
3- GR_PREFIX is now defined in the run_gr.bat so that sys-wide
configuration files will be used correctly.

Numerous dependencies have been updated:
GNURadio ->
Qt > 5.12.3
numpy -> 1.64.4
libxml2 -> 2.9.9
libpng -> 1.6.37
UHD -> 3.14.1*
zmq -> 4.3.1
libusb -> 1.0.22
openssl -> 1.0.1r
qwt6 -> 6.1.4
log4cpp -> 1.1.3
pycairo -> 1.17.1
sip -> 4.18

* RC1... a new version will be pushed if RC1 requires changes prior to
formal release

While no new OOT modules have been added, here's the list of what is included:

gr-burst (incl. bitarray)
gr-display (incl. matplotlib)
gr-inspector (incl. tensorflow)
gr-paint (incl. PIL)

and driver support for: UHD / RTL2382 / HackRF / BladeRF / AirSpy /
Funcube Dongle

Known Issues:

-     (new) Windows Audio Source only supports single channel input.
Use portaudio for stereo source use cases.
-     gr-air-modes gui does not work, but the command line interface will
-     Switching between debug and release versions will cause
intermittent heap corruption issues.  Re-run application.
-     TCP Sink/Server are deprecated and do not function in the
windows version, use zeromq blocks
-     File Sink/Server blocks do not function in the windows version.
-     gr-newmod still does not work without a great deal of workarounds
-     agc3 block will run, but will respond more slowly than on
linux... still under investigation.

A complete stack of symbols is available for the release and debug
builds, to allow tracing all the way down to python itself.

For those intrepid enough to want to build all of this yourself, the
scripts are now compatible with building 3.8 or 3.7 by changing the
version in ConfigInfo.psd1 to 3.8.0, then it should build the correct
dependencies to support it.  Drivers are built but OOT blocks are not
yet built for 3.8.  While most of the work in this release was to
enable a functioning build for 3.8, I am not planning to release an
installer for 3.8 at this point, but email me if you have a need for a
pre-alpha build.

When a 3.8 build is released, they will be installable simultaneously
without issue.

And finally, to make things a bit easier for the intrepid, I have
published an AWS AMI image set to a validated build configuration to
make it a bit easier for others to run the build scripts.  Details on
the github site:



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