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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] Clone existing blocks in my own GNURadio project

From: NAVES Raphael
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] Clone existing blocks in my own GNURadio project
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2019 18:06:46 +0100
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Dear Marcus,

Thanks for your answer. I have no doubt that you provide a very quick and wise help for every request.

The thing is that, sometimes we just want to add something in the code which is especially designed for our system and that will not really help the community. Let's imagine that I want to add a debug line into a source file : there is no technical difficulty so I do not contact you, I just apply the process that I described before (gr_modtool, copy/paste, ...). So I was thinking that such a tool could help the community.


NAVES Raphaël

On Tue, 15 Jan 2019 16:46:05 +0000, Müller wrote:

No, no such tool exists.

There's to hearts beating in my breast regarding your question:

On one hand, I want GNU Radio to be as usable for any user out there.
On the other hand, if you really frequently find yourself in the
situation that you just slightly change the behaviour of an existing
GNU Radio block, you should *really* make that change in GNU Radio and
contribute the code, so that all users benefit from it.

So, I think there's convincing arguments for a project to not foster a workflow where fragmentation of the codebase is accelerated, and thus,
I'm afraid it's rather unlikely that there will be such a tool in the
foreseeable future.

What I, and we, as a project, can offer, however, is the utmost support at getting your modifications into mainline GNU Radio really fast. Just
ask us!

Best regards,

On Tue, 2019-01-15 at 17:27 +0100, NAVES Raphael wrote:
Dear GNURadio users,

Most of the time, when working on my own GNURadio project, I need to
add some minor modifications on already existing GNURadio blocks (add a function in the c++/python file for instance or add a new parameter in the xml file). Since I do not want to modify the original code, what I do is to create a new block in my own project using the gr_modtool. Then I copy/paste the code from original files (c++, xml, ...) replacing all the function names, with the appropriate imports. Finally, I add my own

The copy/paste phase may be really boring especially when blocks depend
on other blocks.

So, my question is: Does it exists a tool (like gr_modtool) to clone an already existing block and the corresponding source code? Otherwise, I
would appreciate to have a command like $clone original_block_name
new_block_name$ which would duplicate the original_block_name code into the new_block_name, with all the appropriate function names and imports.


NAVES Raphaël

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