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[Discuss-gnuradio] Encrypted RF Noise, Guerrilla Private and Pirate Comm

From: grarpamp
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] Encrypted RF Noise, Guerrilla Private and Pirate Comms, UWB Ultra Wide Band, SS Spread Spectrum, SDR
Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2019 04:08:55 -0500

This was mentioned in a whitepaper of sorts,
maybe in a few papers around that time,
noting that the tech might perhaps be ideal for
Anti-Censorship / Anti-Surveillance / Guerrilla
Comms that need to be robust against generally
all forms of traditional radio adversaries.

Can anyone post links to such papers?

And what links are there to software and hardware
modules that can be plugged in for experimentation,
and or joined for further development?

Recollection provides only concept hints,
pasted in below from various. Thanks.

> Probably also coming soon, very high PGs wherein the codes, bandwidth and
> frequencies quickly hop according to a shared secret.
> This combination is being explored for possible Next
> Generation military comms.

It is said that this is already in public knowledge and operation
within SDR community.

Though instead of the conventional "bandwidth and frequencies",
all the observer sees on their spectrum is random noise, let's say
across entire spectral ranges... from start freq to end freq of entire
frequency range of ATSC / WiFi / Cellular / FM / Etc allocation
space... more generally, across entire start to end of whatever
capability range of the tx / rx hardware in use. And where a
pre shared or negotiated key is used to impart or mask
data into, and out of, the noise. It's not even that these may
have, or be, waveform carriers, as the noise may be spark
gaps driven, impulse / transform function generators, etc.
One might not even have to generate their own noise,
perhaps the RF key could simply be used as filter
to existing noise.

And the difficulty in triangulating such noise if so,
ie: how exactly does one lock onto random energy,
the galactic radiation problem, from everywhere
and nowhere.

The concept is that the RF as roughly described in
whatever paper cannot be jammed or DOS'd... your RF
would appear as noise to all but those holding the RF
spectrum noise key, so the only way to jam it, if you
even knew it was in use in the first place (say by noting
an overall spectrum power bump) would be to raise the
noise floor by emitting... you guessed it, random noise...
which would wipe out the S/N dB's you need for your
own comms be they traditional AM / FM / etc, or this
keyed noise tech. So you'd end up in a mutually
assured destruction, essentially who can throw
more power in the air. You'd probably be able to get
more local power up, hop by hop, than a wide area
adversary tying to blanket you, so you'd win.
Assuming you needed to tx anything instead
of just filtering.

You need the RF noise key to cipher the RF,
so the underlying data packets are always
secure and unaffected by the above. Data would
be affected by nodes that are involved in the
data layer, before it gets pushed up to or down
from RF. That's a trusted evil maid problem and
thus out of scope.

> https://lists.cpunks.org/pipermail/cypherpunks/2016-February/027605.html
> previous discussions have suggested MIMO for beam forming / phased array 
> signal emission that lets you do fancy things, like emulate a moving 
> transmitter.  if the transmitter appears to be constantly moving, it's a much 
> harder target

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