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[Directvnc-user] Re: test CptALLlS

From: Halcyon Lares
Subject: [Directvnc-user] Re: test CptALLlS
Date: Sun, 21 May 2006 03:05:11 -0700

V A L / U M
C / A L / S
A M B / E N
X ^ N A X
P R O Z ^ C
L E V / T R A
S O M ^
V / A G R A
M E R / D / A
for a while they both stayed. Yule-tide was warm and merry there; and
men came from far and wide to feast at Beorns bidding. The goblins of
the Misty Mountains were now few and terrified, and hidden in the
deepest holes they could find; and the Wargs had vanished from the
woods, so that men went abroad without fear. Beorn indeed became a great
chief afterwards in those regions and ruled a wide land between the

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