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Re: [Directvnc-user] Problems and Suggestions

From: Till Adam
Subject: Re: [Directvnc-user] Problems and Suggestions
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2002 11:18:55 +0200
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# Quoting Evan Langlois (address@hidden):

> First, I can't compile against DirectFB 0.9.11, 0.9.10 seems to be the
> only working version.  The include files seems to have changed some key
> constants and such.

Yes, there have been incompatible changes to the keyboard handling.
Unfortunately, since the 0.9.11 release, there have been even more of those,
so that what I have in cvs currently does only work against 0.9.12, which
means current DFB cvs. I have decided to skip the 0.9.11 release and do 0.7
when 0.9.12 comes out because of that. 

> Second, I would really like to be able to keep gpm running.  Is there
> some way to make DirectFB recognize the gpm repeater device as being
> valid?  I assume this is a DirectFB question, but directvnc is currently
> the only DirectFB question, and I figured you may know the answer.

I have never worked with gpm myself, but as far as I can see the dfb mouse
driver accesses the hardware directly and conflicts with gpm. That would have
to be dealt with in DFB. Cant be of much help here, sorry. Have you asked on
the DFB list? 

> Also, when using vnc to an X session, the backspace key isn't mapped
> properly it seems.  Is this a known issue? 

Fixed in cvs, I believe.

> I'm also unable to change virtual consoles, which would be a really
> excellent feature ... then I could have multiple directvnc instances on
> different screens.   Is there some way to make this possible?

No, that doesnt work. You can switch consoles by setting the keyboard to XLATE
forcefully with the help of the sysrq mechanism, but starting additional DFB
processes (and therefor directvnc processes) wont work. I am planning on
making directvnc window aware, so that you can start it in a dfb window and,
with the multi application core currently in development, start additional
versions of it. I am still debating whether directvnc itself should be able to
manage several connections itself, each in a separate window. I think the
multi app core solution is the easier and more flexible approach. What do you

> I've also had some problems with authentication if there is no password
> set on the remote end .. the solution seems to be to set a password.  Is
> this normal or a bug?

Bug. I'm asking too early for the password. 

Thanks a lot for the feedback, it is much appreciated.



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