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Re: MediaWiki Templates

From: Adonay Felipe Nogueira
Subject: Re: MediaWiki Templates
Date: Sat, 5 Feb 2022 08:55:36 -0300
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Em 24/01/2022 23:28, David Hedlund escreveu:
> […]

Both seem to use Lua, which I would like to avoid using so as not to add
another layer of complexity for the Directory.

I very much prefer to manually mention people when that is appropriate
or reaching the people interested through email, IRC, or XMPP (because
the email server I have an account on sometimes fails to deliver the
message, or the destination server ignores it).

As an addendum, I also wouldn't be OK if we were to do something with
ICalendar or feed SMW result formats. Because, in both cases, all will
be limited to people subscribed to calendar or feed, and I also don't
see a way to limit these notifications (either calendar or feed) only to
people who are in the project team (because anyone could subscribe or
figure out the URL to do that).


These I did not research much yet.

* Ativista, não advogado, nem técnico de informática
* Compre dos vendedores locais
* Use e contribua ao software livre (diferente do gratuito)
* Enviando docs.? Use OpenDocument. Outros tipos: vide endereço anterior
* Use XMPP (federado, pai do WhatsApp)
* E-mails assinados com OpenPGP (anexo "signature.asc")

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