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From: Joshua Brown
Subject: PicoLibC
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2021 20:38:45 +0000


This software has about a bazillion different licences:

I am avoiding it's use at present because I don't know if it's free
software or not.

I am able to check a small number of licences manually, but I am not a
lawyer, so I don't know if some of the terms in the licences are
restrictive or not, ie. I can't say definitively.

There are some custom licences within the software.

I was wondering,

1) Is this software is free software?
2) Is there an automated way of telling which licences and files are
free and non-free within a project ... like using a database of
licences ... I've heard of a licence-check script but I'm not sure if
it does that.



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