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Re: Adding firmware to FSD

From: Yuchen Pei
Subject: Re: Adding firmware to FSD
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2021 07:44:33 +1100
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On 11 October 2021 21:37:55 GMT+11:00, David Hedlund <> 
>On 2021-10-11 11:43, Yuchen Pei wrote:
>> Yuchen Pei <> writes:
>>> David Hedlund <> writes:
>>>> It seems that there are two packages available for the ath9k_htc is
>>>> a
>>>> Linux kernel driver (I linked to both above): "Firmware is required,
>>>> which can be provided by installing the firmware-atheros
>>>> <> package. Open
>>>> firmware
>>>> <> for this driver is
>>>> also available in the firmware-ath9k-htc
>>>> <> package starting
>>>> from
>>>> Buster. " -
>>>> is
>>>> the
>>>> source package used to build
>>> Thanks.  A problem with using the debian name is other distros may use
>>> different names.  For example the guix package of the same firmware is
>>> called ath9k-htc-firmware[1].  This is why I think using the
>>> "official" name is better.  Perhaps there's a way in an FSD entry to
>>> map a piece of software to corresponding packages in various distros?
>>> [1]
>>> Not sure if this has been discussed before, but regarding John's
>>> remark, this firmware, together with many others are in the
>>> linux-firmware repo[2], which seems to be not part of the kernel, so
>>> perhaps it makes sense to add it to FSD:
>>> [2]
>>> BTW, I'm not sure if the email address is still used
>>> by anyone.  If you feel like a message is relevant to h-node, please
>>> cc instead.  That is the mailing list we are
>>> using for and h-source (the server application of
>> I just added <>.
>I redirected it to
>because it will be imported later anyway. Thanks.

I guess you are talking about importing using the directory script.  I'm still 
not sure it is a good idea to adhere to the Debian naming.  The scripts should 
work for the directory, not the other way around.  What if Debian changes the 
name of a package?  What if we decide to import from guix as well?  I imagine 
it is also not hard to write some post processing script to edit names of some 

How about we make 
Firmware-ath9k-htc (and names of the same package in other distros) redirect to 

As aside, how often does the script run and what was the last time it was run?

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