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Lift "runs on GNU/Linux" requirement

From: Adonay Felipe Nogueira
Subject: Lift "runs on GNU/Linux" requirement
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2021 11:29:26 -0300
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Currently the Directory (or FSD for short, without G at the end) proudly
states that all software listed there runs on GNU/Linux ([1]), but
propose that we lift this requirement.

This would allow small projects such as Replicant to:

* Start contributing to reviews of packages that are specific to their
base kernel (Android, CyanogenMod or LineageOS as far as I can remember).

* Take advantage of the review process and structure of the FSD
(including some of the MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki features and
current entry data organization).

* Have even more visibility in the long run. I know this might be
unrelated or could be done anyways but, to give an example, it would be
possible for a Replicant contributor to schedule on their agenda to also
do Replicant-specific reviews at the same time as the FSD Friday
meetings and so focus only on two or three chat windows, and when
someone comes asking for Android/mobile freedom-related topics the
Replicant contributor will already be there to catch the opportunity.

# References

[1]: .

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