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Re: JavaScript is only a tool

From: Narcis Garcia
Subject: Re: JavaScript is only a tool
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2021 08:52:55 +0200

El 20/7/21 a les 21:34, Lorenzo L. Ancora via ha escrit:
> A script is interpreted and subject to indirect execution. The sandbox
> is just an addition to this process, which improves its already high
> security.
> After all, you can't have interactivity without running some code,
> either explicitly or explicitly. The ability to execute code is a
> prerequisite for making web pages interactive. Maybe in 10 years they
> will invent the web 9.0 and it will all be different, but for now the
> reality is that you have to run hundreds of small scripts just to shop
> online or access your bank.

You must differenciate scripts to be run server-side or client-side.
You can't have interactivity without server-side code (such as PHP or
Python), and YOU CAN have interactivity without client-side code (such
as JavaScript or VBScript): Just HTML forms and links.

Really few scenarios I've seen with client-side code really required;
for example a WYSIWYG editor. Not much more.

Narcis Garcia

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