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[directory-discuss] Graceful request for Json-Type's wiki page approval

From: Stefan Vargyas
Subject: [directory-discuss] Graceful request for Json-Type's wiki page approval
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2018 09:05:54 +0000 (UTC)

Dear maintainers,

Some two months ago, I created a wiki page [2] for the
most important contribution I made (at least until now)
to the free software community: Json-Type [1].

Json-Type is typical GPL v3+ GNU/Linux software which I
started developing back in the fall of 2015 and made it
public in the June 2016. Json-Type fills a niche that
other tools do not touch at all, or, otherwise, if they
do, the result is quite far from being effective under
certain conditions.

Json-Type provides a full-featured library and front-end
program (the version numbering might be misleading since
the latest version is 0.11.0), is still under development
and I intend to maintain it on the long run.

Given these, let me ask you gracefully for the approval
of Json-Type's wiki page on your site.

Thank you in advance.


Stefan Vargyas


[1] Json-Type: JSON Push Parsing and Type Checking

[2] Json-Type's Wiki

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