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[directory-discuss] s/w that requires a middleman to liberate it -- is i

From: Anonymous
Subject: [directory-discuss] s/w that requires a middleman to liberate it -- is it free?
Date: Mon, 6 Feb 2017 19:56:06 +0100

Svetlana Tkachenko said:

> Once you have this copy, you get all your essential freedoms. Please
> let me know whether this is not the case.

Of course it's not the case, as you've only shifted the freedom abuse
from one person to another.  It makes no difference that the link is
fixed because everything I said in this post still applies:

(apart from the broken URL comment, which is orthoganol to my points).
You need to scroll down.  Apparently you thought the post ended when
the 2nd block quote started.

So on the reply herein, I've reversed the order of the quotes to
ensure you don't continue to overlook the most fundamental arguments.

> Try

It works.  That can now replace the references to in

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