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Re: [directory-discuss] [[IceCat]] links to third-party repository not c

From: Svetlana Tkachenko
Subject: Re: [directory-discuss] [[IceCat]] links to third-party repository not committed to only including free software
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2016 14:41:00 +1100

> Everything in is free now 
> Svetlana. Thank you.

That brought it down from 153 entries to 49. Thanks David!

> We don't care what site they host their stuff on,

The add-on developers indeed are free to host where they wish - the
burden is on them. However, we should not *link* to
because users can find non-free add-ons there. 

The same goes to all of FSF Directory -- partly because IceCat users can
browse all of it from within the addon manager window and free
distributions ship with IceCat.


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