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Re: [directory-discuss] To the Directory sysadmins and volunteers

From: Svetlana A. Tkachenko
Subject: Re: [directory-discuss] To the Directory sysadmins and volunteers
Date: Fri, 03 Jul 2015 19:28:40 +1000

Thank you, Joshua, for your thoughtful response. Among other things I now know 
when the meetings are. :-)

>> [...] [...]
> I have re-enabled semantic drilldown. [...]

It is interesting that the semantic drilldown only goes through categories. 
Isn't the whole point of the semantic MediaWiki in browsing the actual metadata 
(the things we type and tick in the entry form)? I tried reading about the 
semantic interfaces, and I had thought that the drilldown did what I was 
thinking of, but it doesn't...

Svetlana A. Tkachenko
Member of the Free Software Foundation

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