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[directory-discuss] adding hours countdown to the main page

From: Svetlana A. Tkachenko
Subject: [directory-discuss] adding hours countdown to the main page
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 2015 19:14:59 +1000

> Join us each week for the Friday Free Software Directory IRC meeting! For 
> details and time, check the FSF blog.

Silly timezones - I even went to the blog a couple times this year, but didn't 
figure out what the time should be.

Can we do something like this at the FSF Directory main page to show people how 
many days and hours are left until the next meeting? This requires doing 
something like this:

1) installing the Lua extension 
2) copying
3) copying
4) inserting something like 
{{countdown|year=2015|month=06|day=01|hour=??|event=the next FSF directory 
meeting}} to the Main Page, where month and day are fixed as appropriate, and 
the hour is in UTC+0 (didn't check - this is per the template documentation, 
5) having someone update the day and month in (4) every week


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