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[directory-discuss] offsets for 'browse' wiki listings

From: Megan Squire
Subject: [directory-discuss] offsets for 'browse' wiki listings
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2013 12:42:49 -0400

I am experiencing an issue with listing projects with an offset higher than 5000 in the "browse" projects feature in the wiki

I've shortened the default browse URLs here, for ease of reading:

[1] This works great:

[2] and I can change offsets up to 5000 and all is well:

[3] But when I attempt to give a number higher than 5000, it restarts the list over with the first project 'Q' DVD-Author':

[4] This also fails (which is the code from the "Next" button generated at [2] above)[[Name%3A%3A%2B]]&p=format%3Dbroadtable

The home page says that there are 6786 projects but I can't view any of them past 5000 using 'browse'.

Any tips for what I'm doing wrong?


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