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Re: [directory-discuss] Resources and communication fields

From: Cédric Marie
Subject: Re: [directory-discuss] Resources and communication fields
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2013 11:03:49 +0000 (GMT)


There haven't been many reactions so far :-)

Anyway I know that this is not easy to change, because there is no automatic way to migrate from a text field to a field with limited pre-defined values.

I managed to use current possibilities to define the resource info for my project:

Audience Resource type URI
Git repository browsing VCS Repository Webview
Support (help and bug report) E-mail
Download (all versions and release notes) Download

Joshua, it seems that URI now support '?' character (I suppose you fixed something for that, thank you). NB:  It was necessary to save the resource info to make them visible again (which I did when I changed the resource description).


De : Cédric Marie <address@hidden>
À : "address@hidden" <address@hidden>
Envoyé le : Mercredi 6 mars 2013 16h20
Objet : [directory-discuss] Resources and communication fields

As discussed off-list with Josh, I have tried to analyse the relevance of the fields used in "resources and communication", because I couldn't clearly understand how to use them for my own projects.

First, here is a little collection of things I've seen in different projects.

Emacs: "Resource type" really describes the nature of the resource (email address, newsgroup...) without giving any information about the content and the purpose. In that case, "Audience" describes the purpose (Help, Support, Bug tracking), but also, sometimes, the targeted audience (Developer) while a purpose could have been used (Development).

Gimp: "Resource type" also describes the nature of the resource, but "audience" describes the targeted audience (Developper, User support).

Gajim: VCS repository webview (resource type) is misused (used for Bug tracking)

LibreOffice: VCS repository webview is used for both "Audience" and "Resource type".

VLC: Homepage is used to describe a URL resource type. It should be named URL. If it really means Homepage, it is redundant with the one given in "Overview" tab.

The problem is that most possible values for "Resource type" don't describe its nature, but its content: Bug tracking (the nature can be URL or email), VCS repository webview (the nature should be URL).

"Audience" and "Resource type" are often mistaken for each other. Sometimes they have the same values.
There is no completion - and as a consequence no restriction - on "audience" content.

If we want to keep "Audience" as "targeted audience", it should be limited to two possible values at least (developer, user). This can be useful when the "resource type" describes only the nature (email, mailing list, newsgroup, URL).

But I believe that a field to describe the content (Bug tracking, VCS repository webview, Support, Help, Development) is really necessary. In that case, it is not necessary to describe targeted audience (bug tracking is usually for developers and users, support is usually for users, VCS repository webview is usually for developers...)

The nature can also be useful, this is not always explicit in the URI, which is often a URL.

In the end, here is what I would personally suggest:

1) A field "Resource" with possible values:
- Download
- Support
- Bug tracking
- VCS repository webview
- Development discussion
- News

2) A field "Type" with possible values:
- Web
- Email
- Newsgroup
- Mailing list
- Jabber
(maybe the possible values should depend on the value of the "resource" field, if it is possible...)

Here are some examples of possible combinations:
(Resource - Type - URI)

Download - Web -
Download - FTP -
Support - Email - address@hidden
Support - Mailing list -
Bug tracking - Web -
Bug tracking - Email - address@hidden
VCS repository webview - Web -
Developement discussion - Mailing list -
Developement discussion - IRC - ...
Developement discussion - Jabber - ...
News - Mailing list -
News - RSS -

Let me know what you think...


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