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[Diffutils-devel] new snapshot available: diffutils-3.5.29-7c2a

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: [Diffutils-devel] new snapshot available: diffutils-3.5.29-7c2a
Date: Fri, 19 May 2017 22:08:37 -0700

There have been enough fixes in gnulib that I opted to pull them in
and make one more snapshot before release.  Any testing would be
most welcome.

diffutils snapshot:
  http://meyering.net/diff/diffutils-ss.tar.xz      1.4 MB

Changes in diffutils since 3.5.25-c881:

Jim Meyering (4):
      tests: new-file: closed-stdin: also ensure stdout was empty
      gnulib: update to latest
      maint: update to work with GCC7's -Werror=implicit-fallthrough=
      gnulib: update to latest

Changes in gnulib since 3.5.25-c881:

* gnulib fb26fc4...809f19d (79):
  > dfa: two small simplifications
  > fallthrough: update for GCC 7/8
  > argp: fix shift bug
  > argp: fix pointer-subtraction bug
  > printf-posix tests: Avoid test failure with "gcc --coverage".
  > closeout: don’t close stderr when sanitizing
  > get-rusage-data tests: Avoid failure on Linux/glibc.
  > localename: Include necessary header files on Cygwin.
  > gettext: Update macros from gettext git.
  > copy-file tests: Fix link error (regression from 2017-05-01).
  > unicase/special-casing: Fix incompatibility with gperf-3.0.4.
  > README: Don't ask people to read a TeXinfo file.
  > parse-datetime: Fix memleak
  > javacomp: Fix handle leak.
  > relocate: Make it easier to reclaim allocated memory.
  > relocate: Simplify EMX specific code.
  > sigpipe tests: Fix file list.
  > manywarnings: update for GCC 7
  > gnulib-tool: Fix generated code when libtests contains module 'alloca'.
  > sys_select: Avoid "was expanded before it was required" warning.
  > autoupdate
  > gnulib-tool: improve GNU Make debugging
  > stat-time tests: Improve comment.
  > same-inode: Adapt for windows-stat-inodes.
  > windows-stat-inodes: New module.
  > stat-time tests: Workaround for native Windows.
  > stat-time: Adapt for windows-stat-timespec.
  > maint.mk: update regex to reflect 2013 addition of "assume" to verify.h
  > Use symbolic values for _WIN32_WINNT.
  > year2038: New module.
  > largefile: Simplify.
  > largefile: Improve and document.
  > truncate-tests: New module.
  > truncate: New module.
  > windows-stat-timespec: New module.
  > windows-stat-override: New module.
  > fstat: Fix module dependency conditions.
  > stat, fstat: Complete removal of old native Windows code.
  > stat: Complete removal of REPLACE_FUNC_STAT_DIR code.
  > autoupdate
  > getopt-posix: port to mingw
  > gettimeofday: Increase precision on mingw.
  > poll: Fix confusion between SOCKETs and FDs on native Windows.
  > autoupdate
  > doc: Clarify doc about socket functions on native Windows.
  > poll: Fix link error on native Windows.
  > time: Fix missing initialization of HAVE_TIMEZONE_T.
  > Implement a way to opt out from MSVC support, part 2.
  > Implement a way to opt out from MSVC support.
  > wait-process: Adjust native Windows support.
  > doc: New chapter "Native Windows Support".
  > doc: Move section "Library version handling".
  > doc: Move section "Running self-tests under valgrind".
  > doc: New chapter "Build Infrastructure Modules".
  > Prepare for reordering sections in the manual.
  > Fix instructions how to update manual on www.gnu.org.
  > tzset: Expand comment about TZ problem on native Windows.
  > intprops: don’t depend on ‘verify’
  > utimens: On native Windows, support 100ns resolution also if fd < 0.
  > utimens: Improve error code on native Windows.
  > utime: Handle more Windows error codes.
  > crypto/rijndael: Fix "strict-aliasing rules" warnings, alignment issues.
  > wctype-h-c++-tests: Update.
  > wchar-c++-tests: Update.
  > utime-h-c++-tests: New module.
  > unistd-c++-tests: Update.
  > time-c++-tests: Update.
  > sys_resource-c++-tests: New module.
  > strings-c++-tests: New module.
  > string-c++-tests: Update.
  > stdlib-c++-tests: Update.
  > stdio-c++-tests: Update.
  > signal-h-c++-tests: Update.
  > math-c++-tests: Update.
  > locale-c++-tests: Update.
  > inttypes-c++-tests: New module.
  > dirent-c++-tests: Update.
  > argp: Fix mistake in 2017-04-23 commit.
  > argp: Fix typo.

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