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[Diffutils-devel] new snapshot available: diffutils-3.5.25-c881

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: [Diffutils-devel] new snapshot available: diffutils-3.5.25-c881
Date: Sat, 06 May 2017 15:48:05 -0700

I'm ready to make a new release, so here's a snapshot to prepare for that.
Please try it and let us know how it goes.
See below for the NEWS.

diffutils snapshot:
  http://meyering.net/diff/diffutils-ss.tar.xz      1.4 MB

Here's the NEWS-to-be:
** New features

  When one file is a prefix of the other, cmp now appends the shorter
  file's size to the EOF diagnostic.

** Bug fixes

  Using an invalid regular expression with --ignore-matching-lines=RE (-I)
  no longer causes stack overflow.  Before, with an invocation like the
  following, diff would diagnose the error, but would still proceed to
  blow the stack: diff -Ia -I\\ <(echo) <(echo b)
  [bug introduced in 2.9]

  diff no longer mishandles line numbers exceeding 2**31 on Mingw-w64.

  the ---presume-output-tty (ostensibly test-only) option would cause
  diff --color to read an uninitialized variable
  [bug introduced in 3.4]

** Performance changes

  diff's default algorithm has been tweaked to deal better with larger
  files, reversing some of the changes made in diffutils-3.4.

and git commit summaries:
Changes in diffutils since 3.5.14-8420:

Benno Schulenberg (1):
      diff: describe each --help option with a single string

Jim Meyering (6):
      diff: avoid UMR with ---presume-output-tty
      maint: add "introduced in 3.4" in latest NEWS entry
      tests: avoid false failure with some shells on debian, freebsd
      gnulib: update to latest
      tests: add test for latest fix
      maint: stop using @acronym{...} in texinfo sources

Paul Eggert (3):
      diff: don't crash if regexp is invalid
      cmp: report prefix length when one file is shorter
      cmp: improve EOF diagnostic

julama (1):
      tests: avoid false failure for unreadable /proc/cmdline

Changes in gnulib since 3.5.14-8420:

* gnulib a3fd683...fb26fc4 (226):
  > utimens: port to Emacs + MS-Windows
  > tzset: update doc for TZ problems on MS-Windows
  > copy-file: Fix build error on mingw.
  > Fix recent ChangeLog entry.
  > tzset: Work around TZ problem on native Windows.
  > mktime: Fix dependencies.
  > New module 'localtime-buffer', split off from module 'gettimeofday'.
  > copy-file: Preserve sub-second time stamps.
  > wctype: Fix problems if <wchar.h> gets included after <wctype.h>.
  > wchar: Fix compilation error with the original mingw.org mingw.
  > utimecmp: Add support for native Windows.
  > utimens: Add support for native Windows.
  > wcsftime: New module.
  > strftime-fixes: New module.
  > mktime: Work around TZ problem on native Windows.
  > localtime: New module.
  > ctime: New module.
  > gettimeofday: Provide higher resolution on native Windows.
  > Document the problem with the Cygwin environment variable TZ.
  > utime-tests: New module.
  > utime: New module.
  > utime-h: Modernize handling of 'struct utimbuf'.
  > Make use of module 'utime-h'.
  > utime-h: New module.
  > Fix a few typos.
  > error: Fix mistake in 2017-04-23 commit.
  > stat: Fix time_t values and other problems on native Windows platforms.
  > fstat: Fix time_t values on native Windows platforms.
  > getopt: port to Solaris 10 with circa-1997 glibc getopt.h
  > strerror_r-posix: Fixes for MSVC 14.
  > noreturn: New module.
  > wctype-h: Fix compilation error with the original mingw.org mingw.
  > nap.h: Fix compilation on non windows platforms
  > time_rz: fix heap buffer overflow vulnerability
  > xalloc: add missing integer overflow check
  > parse-datetime: make it standalone
  > nap.h: Port to native Windows.
  > nap.h: Fix logic.
  > Fix conflict between strerror_r-posix module and AC_FUNC_STRERROR_R.
  > strerror_r-posix: Revert commits from 2016-10-16,2016-11-04,2016-11-14.
  > Target a C99 subset, not a C89 subset
  > doc: New section "Modules that modify the way other modules work".
  > stat-time: Update comments.
  > glob: Fix more memory leaks.
  > poll: improve fast check for out-of-range NFD
  > ftoastr: cite a newer paper
  > poll: Enable argument check also in the Windows implementation.
  > getlogin_r: Work around bug in Mac OS X 10.12.
  > parse-datetime: fix %z and prefer signed int
  > *printf: Work around rounding bug on Mac OS X.
  > vasnprintf tests: Avoid warnings.
  > sys_file tests: Avoid warning.
  > sethostname: Update doc.
  > quotearg tests: Avoid warnings.
  > poll: Enable argument check.
  > get-rusage-data: Avoid warnings on Mac OS X.
  > xbinary-io: Fix build error.
  > parse-datetime: overflow and debug cleanups
  > gettext-h: Avoid -Wundef warning.
  > error: Avoid "function declaration isn't a prototype" warning.
  > vasnprintf: Fix for MSVC 14.
  > mbrtowc tests: Fix test failures on MSVC 14.
  > mbsinit: Fix for MSVC 14.
  > Fix test-mbrtowc5.sh failure on native Windows.
  > Avoid accidental use of native Windows APIs on Cygwin.
  > Remove red warnings from the generated MODULES.html.
  > verify tests: Fix spurious failure with parallel make.
  > vma-iter: Fix compilation error on Solaris 7.
  > vma-iter: Fix conflict with module 'largefile' on 32-bit Solaris 9.
  > getopt-gnu: Add comments.
  > regex: port better to Solaris 10
  > autoupdate
  > intprops: improve comments
  > intprops: fix comment typo
  > intprops: try to avoid tickling similar bugs
  > intprops: port to Oracle Studio 12.3 x86
  > getopt: prefer - to _ in new file names
  > getopt: port recent getopt changes to macOS
  > getopt-gnu: omit some duplicate code
  > getopt-posix: use angle-bracket include
  > getopt: annotate files with relationship to glibc
  > getopt: split up getopt.in.h and eliminate __need_getopt
  > getopt: better handling of ambiguous options
  > getopt: refactor long-option handling
  > getopt: tidy up _getopt_initialize a bit
  > getopt: merge from glibc: repetition reduction
  > getopt: clean up error reporting
  > getopt: fix fencepost error in ambiguous-W-option handling
  > getopt: clean up getopt.c and getopt1.c file headers
  > getopt: harmonize comments with glibc
  > getopt: remove USE_NONOPTION_FLAGS
  > getopt: tabify, in preparation for merge with glibc
  > relocatable-lib-lgpl: Fix link error (regression from 2011-06-16).
  > autoupdate
  > glob: Fix invalid free() call.
  > glob: Fix memory leaks.
  > md5, sha1, sha256, sha512: Add comments regarding correctness.
  > autoupdate
  > users.txt: add grub link
  > getopt: merge from glibc
  > dfa: make [0-9] faster in non-C locales
  > autoupdate
  > lock: Fix compilation error with HP-UX IA64 cc.
  > stdalign: tweak version# and test for HP-UX IA64
  > vma-iter: Add support for Solaris.
  > vma-iter: Prefer HP-UX specific API on HP-UX.
  > stdalign: restore previous behavior for HP-UX IA64
  > stat-time, timespec: Support use of the header files in C++ mode.
  > stdalign: Make it work with HP-UX cc.
  > flexmember: try to detect HP-UX 11.31 cc bug
  > stdint: Fix test compilation failure with HP-UX 11 cc.
  > gnulib-tool: Don't produce a tests directory with only snippet .h files.
  > vma-iter: Add support for HP-UX.
  > limits-h: Make it work with HP-UX cc.
  > Fix test failures on DragonFlyBSD.
  > freadahead: Silence warning on DragonFlyBSD.
  > vma-iter: Add comment about AIX.
  > snippets: move unadjusted snippet sources to lib
  > gnulib-tool: don't automatically distribute files from top/
  > users.txt: Update link to libvirt's repo
  > gnulib-tool: fix typo in comment output
  > snippets: work around GNU Make 3.82 VPATH
  > gnulib-tool: minor --gnu-make fixups
  > gnulib-tool: new option --gnu-make
  > gnulib-common.m4: avoid aclocal.m4 bloat
  > vma-iter: Let callers know about error.
  > parse-datetime: remove extraneous generated source file
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > Fix value of LD for 64-bit compilers on AIX.
  > autoupdate
  > dtotimespec: simplify
  > test-calloc-gnu: Reenable test also for GCC 7.
  > test-calloc-gnu: port to GCC7
  > tests: Avoid compiler warning about uses of null_ptr.
  > doc: Mention Mac OS X deficiencies regarding semaphores.
  > lock tests: Fix test failure on Mac OS X (regression from 2017-01-05).
  > perror tests: Tweak for z/OS.
  > nproc: Refactor large function.
  > nproc: adjust handling of OpenMP environment variables
  > nproc: support nested OMP_NUM_THREADS, and OMP_THREAD_LIMIT
  > maintainer-makefile: Fix AC_PROG_SED with autoconf cache.
  > ftoastr: port to -Wdouble-promotion
  > lock tests: Fix build failure on GNU/Hurd (regression from 2017-01-05).
  > lock tests: Fix build failure on z/OS.
  > havelib: Prefer the search path of /usr/bin/gcc over the one of $CC.
  > havelib: Support overriding the result of AC_LIB_PREPARE_MULTILIB.
  > gnulib-tool: Avoid conflict of havelib-tests with --single-configure.
  > users.txt: Update links, use HTTPS where possible
  > xbinary-io: Fix inlining.
  > xbinary-io: rename from xsetmode
  > tests: Adjust to recent SET_BINARY change
  > xsetmode: new module
  > headers: fix begin-end typos
  > selinux-h: port to PGI 16.10
  > argp: port to PGI 16.10
  > unicase: Update function protoype to match definition
  > times test: Avoid gcc warnings on Linux/x32.
  > glob: port better to emscripten
  > host-cpu-c-abi: Support for 64-bit AIX, 32-bit armhf on arm64, hppa64.
  > search: Don't assume that tsearch() exists if 'VISIT' is defined.
  > doc: Don't mention obsolete AC_LIBTOOL_WIN32_DLL macro.
  > stddef-tests: port to SIZE_MAX <= INT_MAX
  > autoupdate
  > lock tests: Fix link error.
  > lock: Fix link error (regression from 2017-01-05).
  > Port to PGI 16.10 x86-64
  > parse-datetime: handle timezones reentrantly
  > time_rz: fix comment typo
  > localename: port to cygwin 2.6
  > users.txt: Update wget URL (tiny change)
  > users.txt: Add wget2 (tiny change)
  > dfa: fix memory leak in parse
  > parse-datetime: fix dependence on AC_PROG_SED
  > intprops: update doc URLs
  > host-cpu-c-abi: Add support for armhf, arm64, x32, s390x.
  > update from texinfo
  > localeinfo: case_folded_counterparts and WEOF
  > dfa: port to gcc -fsanitize=undefined
  > strftime: %z is -00 if unknown
  > dfa: port to older GCC
  > maint.mk: enforce spelling of "timestamp" (i.e., no space)
  > dfa: minor simplification with emptyset
  > dfa: shrink constraints from 4 bits to 3
  > dfa: omit unnecessary ptrdiff_t check
  > dfa: omit unnecessary allocation
  > dfa: omit unused local
  > maint: time stamp -> timestamp
  > maint: remove stray .texi files
  > getprogname: fix port to IRIX
  > dfa: melt down dfastate into build_state
  > dfa: simplify transition table allocation
  > dfa: fix reallocation bug when matching newlines
  > Avoid -Wundef warning about undefined WINDOWS_SOCKETS.
  > Avoid -Wundef warning about undefined __USE_FILE_OFFSET64.
  > stdioext: Port to Minix 3.2 and newer.
  > getprogname: port to IRIX
  > localename-tests: port to NetBSD 7
  > glob, intprops, xalloc: work around Clang bug
  > dfa: fix 'return' typo
  > lock tests: Prefer semaphore over mutex.
  > parse-datetime: fix generated paths for coverage files
  > maint.mk: support parallel execution of coverage
  > lock: Provide guarantee to avoid writer starvation for rwlocks.
  > thread: Fix pth port.
  > parse-datetime: fix debug message on lone year number
  > parse-datetime: fix local timezone debug messages
  > parse-datetime: add debug warning about DST changes
  > parse-datetime: add debug warning about date arithmetic
  > parse-datetime: fix debug message of relative part after timezone
  > parse-datetime: fix incorrect debug message on lone number
  > exec
  > build-aux/mdate-sh
  > doc: fix typo in previous change
  > Revert copyright-year change to synced files
  > doc: modernize for C11 etc.
  > dfa: prefer functions to FETCH_WC macro
  > dfa: narrow more local var scopes
  > dfa: remove duplicate assignment
  > dfa: simplify constraint-dependency checking
  > dfa: prefer functions and constants to macros
  > dfa: narrow more local var scopes
  > dfa: narrow the scope of many local variables
  > gettext from dev

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