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Re: Denemo Questions

From: Richard Shann
Subject: Re: Denemo Questions
Date: Fri, 12 May 2023 09:24:59 +0100
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On Fri, 2023-05-12 at 01:44 -0400, Anthony Deaton wrote:
> Hi, I am trying to find an adequate replacement for MuseScore 1.3, as
> all the subsequent versions have made matters worse and bordering on 
> impossible for me to use with my workflow.  I wanted to know if there
> is 
> anyway in Denemo to add an invisible note,

I wonder here "invisible to whome?". Denemo is a program that aims to
make it easy to enter musical scores by visualizing the typeset music
on screen as you enter the music. At a most basic level if you typed
the letters c d e at your keyboard (or played those notes on a MIDI
keyboard) Denemo would display a treble clef, 4/4 time signature, five
line stave and those notes as quarter notes on your screen and (rather
more slowly) show the same music typeset beautifully in a window ready
for printing. It is centered on rapid, error-free, music entry.

It does also output a MIDI or audio representation of the music,
intended to reassure you that the notes you have entered are the ones
you intended.

>  as I use these for 
> keyswitches in Musescore connecting to Sfizz via Jack Midi.  Also is 
> there a way to utilize a 2nd and 3rd Jack Midi Port after you have
> maxed 
> out the 16 channels in the first port, as this is a necessity for
> large 
> orchestral works.

>From this I'm guessing that "invisible note" means an arbitrary MIDI
message inserted into the MIDI output at a certain point in the music. 

Denemo does indeed allow the user to do this - Denemo does not refer to
it as an "invisible note" but as a "Denemo Directive", in this case one
directing the insertion of a MIDI message to be inserted into the MIDI

Because Denemo is highly configurable by the user it would be possible
for a user to create an interface for entering such messages via
keypresses etc. I don't know of anyone who has implemented such things
in Denemo, so this would be unexplored territory. 

I am happy to help with the mechanics of configuring Denemo to output
such messages.



>   If Denemo won't work for this, do you know of any 
> other Linux notation editor that could possibly work for me.
> Thank You for Your Time,
> Anthony

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