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[bug #63542] issue in text display

From: Allison
Subject: [bug #63542] issue in text display
Date: Thu, 6 Apr 2023 04:02:32 -0400 (EDT)

Follow-up Comment #4, bug #63542 (project denemo):

I know what happened now. I used to have an old version of Denemo installed.
It used a different font also named Denemo, which got installed into my
windows computer. That version of the Denemo font just has a bunch of notes
for text. I did uninstall the old version before trying the newer version, but
it looks like windows did not uninstall the fonts that came along with it.

When I ran the .bat file, it must have seen the font called "Denemo" already
installed and skipped over replacing it.

So, after going into my windows fonts, deleting any font named Denemo,
rebooting the computer and then re-running the .bat file.  Problems are
solved, and now the menus show up with readable text.

I did have some troubles deleting the font. Even if I close the Denemo program
it seems windows thinks the font is still in use. I have to close Denemo,
reboot the computer, then delete the font. Then re-run the .bat file. 

I don't know if its possible to check the font version the .bat file is trying
to install against what windows already has to prevent fonts with the same
name that got changed during the project from conflicting in the future? 


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